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The Raven Boys Playlist

My my… The Raven Boys was a such a captivating read! A thrilling story about legendary Welsh myths brought to life in a sleepy (fictional) town in Virginia, with four boys and one eccentric girl at the middle. Find my full book review here, if interested!

It’s only fitting that I create a playlist to reflect its’ mysterious, creepy, and magical vibes. This features a charming mix of instrumental and indie-pop that will tug at your heart strings. Run time: 1 hour, 15 minutes.

Caution: you may feel like a badass listening to it ;).

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No Spotify? No worries! Here’s the complete song list⇓

Heart by Blue Stahli
Interstellar by Full Tilt
Raising the Damned by Damn Anthem
Warpath by Tim Halperin
Lux by Connor Shambrook
Falling Away by LiquidCinema
In the Beginning by Sean Redmond
Time-Lapse by Kings & Creatures
Acts of Courage by X-Ray Dog Music
Only Four Men by Paul Haslinger
History is Written by the Victors by Paul Haslinger
Downloading Alicia’s Memories by Paul Haslinger
The Anti-Virus Sacrifice by Paul Haslinger
Why am I Alive by Paul Haslinger
Towards a New Horizon by Paul Haslinger
Rooftop Kiss by James Horner
Deed and Destiny by Sound Adventures
Whispered Journey by Hidden Citizens
Mad World by UNSECRET
Whose Side Are You On (feat. Ruelle) by Tommee Profitt
Loss of Control by Sound Adventures
Meet Me at the Top by UNSECRET
Witnesses and Criminals by The Spiritual Machines
Heroes by Zayde Wolf
Thunderlane by Soundcritters

 Hope you’ve enjoyed yet another playlist!

— XO Mary

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