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ACOTAR Playlist

Hi fellow bookworm,

There’s no better feeling than reading a book and falling in love with it. Though, listening to a kick-ass instrumental soundtrack while reading said book comes as a close second. For me, music has always amplified any part of the day; from walking to the grocery store, to bringing life to mundane things like sitting in traffic. In the same way, music turns the dial up on the emotion of a book, breathing life into the words on the page, kind of like watching a movie in your head.

I talk a lot about music on my Instagram, so I figured it was time I share a compiled soundtrack for each book I read, starting with ‘book one’ from my favourite series by Sarah. J. Maas. Find the musical journey that I took while readingĀ A Court of Thorns and RosesĀ below.

Plug in your headphones and let it run as you read, it will give you chills!

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No Spotify? No worries! Here’s the complete song list.

Song List:

Audiomachine: Wars of Faith
Audiomachine: Sura
Audiomachine: The World is Safe
Ivan Torrent: Before I Leave This World
Jo Blankenburg: Renascence
Jo Blankenburg: Pearls (feat. Sunday Lane)
Jo Blankenburg: Villanelle
Marcus Warner: If I Should Return
Marcus Warner: Dance of the River Spirits
Tom Player: Gravity
Marcus Warner: Ends of the Earth
C21fx: Solace
Cristian Onofreiciuc: Imagination
Amir Marcus: Tears of Heaven
Hidden Citizens: I Ran
Abel Korzeniowski: Charms
Abel Korzeniowski: Dance For Me Wallis
Thunderstep Music: Unbroken Spirit
Boris Nonte: Want it All
Mark Petrie: Uncharted Realms
Really Slow Motion: Unbroken
Hidden Citizens: (I Just) Died in Your Arms – Epic Trailer Version
Future Heroes: Lupinus (feat. Joseph Holiday)
Thomas Bergersen: Merchant Prince
Ninja Tracks: Serenity
Boris Nonte: Only in Dreams

Tell me what you think in the comments below! Did you like it? Have any recommendations?

— Xo Mary

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