About Longforwriting

Longforwriting began as an Instagram account that was meant to keep me accountable for my writing and to keep me motivated to continue writing my very first manuscript. In the past two years, it has allowed me to be able to reach out to thousands of writers who are all in the same boat; anywhere from being stuck on a paragraph for weeks, to the challenge of finding time to write in a social-media centric society.

As an extension and in addition to Instagram, Longforwriting has now become a full-time blog.

The beauty of being a writer is finding a kindred spirit in your reader.

Which speaks of writing a book, but also writing a blog. Longforwriting brings you all things writing-related. Informal book reviews, handpicked book playlists, and helpful writing resources. And as of recently, a brand new lifestyle section that focuses on my other loves in life; fashion and beauty for the on-the-go girl.


About Mary

Hi, I’m Mary! Bookworm, lover of coffee, YA fiction writer, and blogger behind Longforwriting. 

I currently reside in Toronto, Canada. I read mostly young-adult and new-adult fantasy and historical-fiction, with the occasional crime/mystery thriller. I am a History Major in
my last semester of school, and I am currently working on my second manuscript — a Fantasy Epic featuring gods, queens, and mystical beasts.

When I’m not writing fiction, I’m writing about lifestyle related topics here.

I am always happy to connect with fellow writers and fashion and beauty-loving individuals through the comments section of each post or through any of the social media links at the top of the page.